Policies Posted for Public Comment Sept. 2023

BBB Board Members: Elections and Redistricting

BBG Board Members:  Compensation and Expenses

BE Board Meetings

BEE2 Board Meetings:  Electronic Meetings

BFA School Closures and Boundary Changes

BM Charter Schools:  Charter School Sponsorships

CAB Revenue and Budgeting:  Local Revenue

CBG Procurement:  Contracts and Contract Limitations

CCG Procurement of Construction:  Construction and School-Site Acquisition Requirements

CEB District Emergency Response Plan

CEC Contracts for School Resource Office Services

CFA Use of School Facilities:  Employee Access

CG School Plant

CJAA Transportation:  Planning and Funding:  Funding

CJAC Transportation:  Planning and Funding:    Route Planning

DABA Employment:  Paraprofessional Qualifications

DAC Employment:  Background Checks

DBG Reemployment of Retirees

DFA Educator Induction, Mentoring, and Professional Development

DKAB Hiring Preference of Veterans and Veterans’ Spouses

DKAC Nepotism

ECCA Curriculum:  Reading Assessment for K-3

ECCB Curriculum: Mathematics Assessment for K-3

ECE Curriculum: College Course Work

ECF Curriculum:  Religious Neutrality

EDB Special Programs:  Dropout Prevention and Recovery

EDC Special Programs:  Education of Youth in Custody

EDH Special Programs:  Student Internships

EEE Instructional Resources:  Evaluation and Selection of Instructional Material

EEEA Instructional Resources:  Evaluation and Selection of Library Material

EEEB Instructional Resources:  Evaluation and Selection of Supplemental Material

EEEC Instructional Resources:  Evaluation of Other Learning Material

EHAA Graduation:  Graduation Attire

FAB Transgender Students

FBB Admissions and Attendance: Compulsory Education

FBE Admissions and Attendance:  Truancy Support Centers

FDACE Health Requirements and Services:  Medical Recommendations by School Personnel to Parents

FDAF Concussion and Head Injury

FDEA Wellness Policy Food Sales

FDG Period Products in Schools

FE Student Records

FED Student Data Protection

FFD Student Activities:  Non-enrolled District Students’ Participation in Extracurricular Activities

FGAD Student Rights and Responsibilities: Bullying, Cyber-bullying, Hazing and Abusive Conduct

FH Student Discipline

FHA Safe Schools

FHAD Safe Schools:  Discipline of Students with Disabilities

FHAH School Student Threat Assessment

FHC Notification Received from Juvenile Courts

FI Student Fees, Fines, and Charges

GA Public Information Program  

GCF Animals on School Premises

GD Parent Access to District Instructional Material

GJ Child Sexual Abuse and Human Trafficking Prevention Education

DAB(N) Employment:  Licensure GCSD’s

DAI(N) Staff Code of Conduct GCSD’s

DG1 Policy Exhibit #1


DLA(N) Employee Bullying and Hazing GCSD’s