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Staff Technology Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and Agreement

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Staff Technology Acceptable Use Policy

The Grand County School District utilizes a Local Area Network (LAN) and the “Internet” for use by faculty and students in conjunction with Utah Education Network (UEN). The School District shall encourage students to use such tools by establishing individual Internet accounts, which may be used at the discretion of the schools. Such use shall be limited to times and circumstances that will not interfere with the scheduled education programs of schools and consistent with acceptable use policies of the district.

Any person who is granted an Internet account shall be referred to herein as an “account holder”. Unless transmitted to others by the account holder or with the account holder’s permission, the information created by the Internet account holder shall be deemed confidential information of the account holder. However, the School District reserves the right to monitor the information contained in any user account.

Grand County School District or School District refers to the Building Administrators, Grand County School District Technology Office, the Superintendent, and the School Board.

Internet accounts are for educational purposes. Any use of an Internet account inconsistent with such educational purposes shall be grounds for terminating the account and/or confiscating the information saved in the account.


1. Privilege

a) The use of Internet is a privilege, not a right. Inappropriate use, including any violation of these conditions and rules, may result in cancellation of the privilege. Grand County School District under this agreement, is delegated the authority to determine appropriate use and may deny, revoke, suspend or close any user account at any time based upon its determination of inappropriate use by account holders or users.

b) Outside email accounts such as Hotmail are permitted for staff only. Each staff member will be responsible for any material contained in any outside email account that they own and access on School District computers.

c) Each employee will have a signed AUP upon hiring and as updates require, before an account is activated.

d) All computers & network equipment is the property of the Grand County School District Technology Department, and shall not be moved or altered without consent from the Technology Department.

2. Acceptable Use

a) The purpose of the Internet is to facilitate communications in support of research and education by providing access to unique resources and an opportunity for collaborative work. To remain eligible as a user, the use of your account must be in support of and consistent with the educational objectives of the District. Access to the Internet is made possible only through an appropriate provider as designated by Grand County School District. Grand County School District and all users of the Internet must comply with existing rules and Acceptable Use Policies, which are incorporated into this document, and are available from the District.

b) Transmission or reception of any material in violation of any United States or state regulation is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, copyrighted material, threatening or obscene material, or material protected by trade secret.

c) Use for commercial activities, product advertisement or political lobbying is prohibited.

d) Internet access will be filtered and logged as per Utah state law.

3. Monitoring

Grand County School District reserves the right to review any material on user-accounts and to monitor file server space in order for the District to make determinations on whether specific uses of the network are inappropriate, unless prior approval is received from the GCSD Technology Office. DOWNLOADING OR INSTALLING ANY PROGRAMS, MUSIC, VIDEO OR OTHER Copyrighted MATERIAL FOR USE ON SCHOOL COMPUTERS IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. THIS INCLUDES STORING

THEM ON SCHOOL SERVERS OR COMPUTERS. These files will be deleted without notification of the user. In reviewing and monitoring user-accounts and file server space, GCSD Technology Office shall respect the privacy of user-accounts; however action will be taken if necessary.

4. Network Etiquette

All users are expected to abide by the generally accepted rules of network etiquette. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

a) Be polite. Do not get abusive in your messages to others.

b) Use appropriate language. Do not swear, use vulgarities or any other inappropriate language. Do not engage in activities, which are prohibited under state or federal law. Messages and activities relating to or in support of illegal activities shall be reported to the authorities and could result in the loss of user privileges.

c) Do not reveal your personal address or phone numbers or those of students or colleagues.

d) Do not use the network in such a way that you would disrupt the use of the network by other users.

e) All communications and information accessible via the network should NOT be assumed to be private property.

5. No Warranties

Grand County School District and UEN make no warranties of any kind, whether expressed or implied, for the services they provide. Grand County School District and UEN will not be responsible for any damages a user suffers. This includes loss of data resulting from delays, non-deliveries, mistaken deliveries, or service interruptions caused by the District or UEN’s negligence or by the user’s own risk. Grand County School District and UEN specifically deny any responsibility for the accuracy or quality of information obtained through this service. All users need to consider the source of any information they obtain, and evaluate how valid that information may be.

6. Security

a) Security on any computer system is a high priority, especially when the system involves many users. Users must never allow others to use their password. Users should also protect their password to ensure system security and their own privilege and ability to continue to use the system. All account activity is logged.

b) All media (CDs, USB drives, etc.) must be scanned for viruses before use in district computers.

c) If you feel you can identify a security problem on the Internet, you must notify a system administrator. Do not demonstrate the problem to other users.

d) Do not use another individual’s account.

e) Attempts to log on to the Internet as a system administrator may result in cancellation of user privileges.

f) Staff will comply with all District and building, security and technology policies.

g) Account Holder is responsible for all local and network activity associated with their account. If Account Holder allows another staff member or student to utilize their login account, said account holder accepts all responsibility for any network activity or content generated or shown while their user account is logged in. Account holder is responsible for not leaving a running system vulnerable. Account holder agrees to either lock the system or logout when leaving a workstation (desktop or laptop) in which they have logged in to.

7. Vandalism and Harassment

a) Vandalism and harassment will not be tolerated.

b) Vandalism is defined as any malicious attempt to harm, modify, or destroy data, hardware, software or networks. This includes, but is not limited to, the uploading or creating of computer viruses or malware (malicious software).

c) Harassment is defined as the persistent annoyance of another user, or the interference of another user’s work. Harassment includes, but is not limited to, the sending of unwanted e-mail.

8. Procedures for Use

a) Any employee that is working with students using electronic sources of information has a responsibility to enforce the Student Acceptable Use Policy and to provide appropriate supervision for student use.

b) Any employee that becomes aware of illegal or inappropriate activities, security problems, or of violations to the Acceptable Use Policy must report these to the appropriate local principal, and GCSD Technology Office.

c) Employees may install approved software only. All software installs must be approved by the Grand County School District Technology Department.

9. Encounter of Controversial Material

Users may encounter material which is controversial and which the user, parents, teachers or administrator may consider inappropriate or offensive. However, on a global network it is impossible to effectively control the content of data and users may discover controversial material. Users must notify GCSD Technology Office or an Administrator of any inappropriate material. It is the user’s responsibility not to initiate access to such material. Any decision by Grand County School District to restrict access to Internet material shall not be deemed to impose any duty on the District to regulate the content of material on the Internet.


Definitions: Illegal, unauthorized or improper materials and/or uses shall be defined as materials which are inappropriate in a school setting (such as but not limited to pornography, promotion of violence or bigotry, and vulgar language) and uses which violate local, state, federal laws or the AUP.

1. Supervisors and administrators, who are aware of illegal, unauthorized, or improper materials and/or uses must take immediate action to address the violation.

2. If, after investigation, it is determined that an employee is found in violation of the standards of Acceptable Use Policy, the administrator may initiate immediate termination in accordance with district policies or, in consultation with the superintendent, take other appropriate disciplinary action.

3. Evidence of employee infractions will be forwarded to the Utah State Office of Education’s Professional Corrections Commission.

USER AGREEMENT: I understand and will abide by the above Acceptable Use Agreement Policy. I further understand that any violation of the above Acceptable Use Agreement Policy is unethical and may constitute a criminal offense. Should I commit any violation, my access privileges may be revoked. Disciplinary action may be taken and/or appropriate legal action. I also understand that it is my responsibility to report any misuse of the Network to my supervisor and GCSD Technology Office. *
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