Dear Parents and Families,

School lunch delivery times for students picking lunch up at their bus stop will change, starting tomorrow, March 25. These are only slight changes but review the new schedule and make sure your student(s) arrive 5 minutes prior to the delivery time. **THE CITY ROUTE TIMES HAVE NOT CHANGED**

Please see the PDF at the bottom of the page for the new delivery time. 

Bus route pick-up locations HAVE NOT changed and this WILL NOT impact students who pick-up lunch at their school. 

Please remind your student(s) to adhere to social distancing guidelines and stay 6 ft away from one another.

Students must follow all of the previously established pick-up procedures:

  • Bus drivers will only be able to stay at the bus stops for a few minutes because traffic will be stopped.
  • Students MUST follow regular guidelines, including standing at the bus stop, waiting until the bus stops, and stand 10 feet away for the bus.
  • Once stopped, bus drivers will bring lunches to the students. They will not be allowed on the bus.
  • All students picking up lunches at the schools or bus stop location MUST be present. Parents and siblings are NOT allowed to pick up lunches without the student present.
  • Students MUST pick up their lunches from their bus stop and cannot pick-up at other locations.
  • Parents/adults WILL NOT be able to purchase lunches for themselves.  

We ask for your patience and understanding, as this is a new process. Any additional changes will be shared via parent link, our website and social media. For questions, please contact the District Office, at 435-259-5317 or our Transportation Director, Anna, at 435-259-5430.