GCMS Spelling Bee!

The Grand County Middle School (GCMS) Spelling Bee was held on January 14, 2020. Twenty students competed with three winners advancing to the next competition. The students, Genna Duniway (8th), Zoe Olsen (8th) and Rosalee Thomas (7th) spelled the winning words: gamma, trifecta and briny.

The next competition is the Grand Area Spelling Bee, which will be held on Feb. 11th at Star Hall. The winners from the Grand Area Spelling Bee will advance to the Regional Spelling Bee in March with the winner going on to the Washington D.C. for the National Spelling Bee.

Grand County School District applauds all 20 of our talented students who competed. Special acknowledgements to GCMS teachers Erik Secrist and Kari Barnard who dedicated their time to coordinate this event!