To the Community of Moab

I want to thank the community for being so welcoming and open during my interviews in May and June. I truly did not meet a single person who was not completely helpful and honest. I asked numerous community members about the schools and everyone extolled the virtues of the schools. That was the one common thread, that the community loves and supports the Grand County School District.

After visiting the community for several days and talking to people both in the schools and outside of the schools, I am convinced that this community cares deeply about their children and schools. The students, staff, parents, school board, and businesses all believe that this is a great place to live and play. I would ask that you continue to keep the students and their success at the center of the community as that is what has created such a unique and wonderful place. My own philosophy is a student centered philosophy. I love working with students and supporting their teachers to give them the best chance at doing whatever their heart’s desire is. I want to assure the community that I will not come in and change anything that has created success at the schools. I am only one member of a very large team of people that works to create success.

Our family is excited to call Moab home and we look forward to becoming part of your community.


Thank You

JT Stroder