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Grand County School District

JOB DESCRIPTION: Kitchen Manager/Cook

Under the direction of the CNP Supervisor works to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the school kitchen for the ultimate health, comfort, and benefit of the students. To ensure an atmosphere of efficiency, cleanliness, and friendliness in which students may be served nutritious meals.

  1. Plans and directs the preparation and serving of all food in the cafeteria. Determines the quantities of each food to be prepared daily. Determines the size of serving to meet the necessary requirements with regard to the ages of those served.
  2. Assumes responsibility for the security of food and supplies. Checks food shipments into the school, signing invoices only after each order has been verified. Reports to the CNP Supervisor any faulty or inferior quality food which is received. Maintains a correct monthly inventory. Orders on a weekly basis all necessary supplies.
  3. Supervises the storage and care of foods and supplies. Records all food requisitions from the storeroom, and records all meals served, designating with or without milk.
  4. Assumes responsibility for the security of revenue from cafeteria services until it has been turned over to the proper authority. Maintains current records for Free/Reduced Lunch Program.
  5. Sees that menus developed by the CNP Supervisor are followed without deviation. Prepares food according to a planned menu and tested, uniform recipes, and determines if the finished product is of best quality both in flavor and appearance before it is served.
  6. Supervises and participates in the preparation and serving of food.
  7. Assigns, directs, plans and supervises the work of kitchen employees. Supervises and instructs in the safe, proper, and efficient use of all kitchen equipment. Instructs new employees in performing their assigned tasks.
  8. Keeps employee time records. Plans work schedules, and arranges for substitutes when required. Evaluates the performance of all kitchen employees. Confers with the CNP Supervisor regarding any personnel problems.
  9. Reports immediately to the principal any problem or accident occurring in the kitchen or cafeteria premises.
  10. Supervises and participates in the daily cleaning of kitchen, serving, storage, and dining areas, all kitchen equipment, and the washing and sterilizing of all dishes, silverware, and utensils. Maintains the highest standards of safety and cleanliness in the kitchen.
  11. Directs sanitation procedures. Inspects the kitchen, cooking and mixing utensils, and employees for cleanliness and sanitary purposes.
  12. Assumes responsibility for checking that all equipment in the kitchen area is in safe, working condition, and notifies the proper authority when repairs or replacements are needed.
  13. Must be able to lift and carry 50 lbs.


  1. Other duties as assigned.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS Not limited to the following:

  1. Physical ability to perform the above listed essential functions with or without reasonable accommodation.
    Physical, mental, and emotional requirements will be developed when needed for purposes of reasonable accommodation.
  2. Must be able to lift 50 lbs.

Required Knowledge, Skills & Abilities Necessary to Performance of Essential Functions:

  1. No specific education requirement, but must demonstrate ability to read and write English at a level required for successful job performance.
  2. Hold and maintain a Food Handlers Permit.
  3. Demonstrate competence for assigned responsibilities.
  4. Able to follow oral/written instructions.

Desirable Knowledge & Abilities:

  1. Previous experience in public school cafeteria.
  2. Knowledge of safe food preparation techniques.

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