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Grand County School District

JOB DESCRIPTION: Facilities and Maintenance - Supervisor

Under the direction of the Superintendent of Schools, oversees all functions and operations related to the upkeep, repair, and improvement of facilities and grounds; upgrades the effectiveness and efficiency of maintenance and custodial staff; coordinates all safety issues and training within the district; oversees the proper functioning of the various systems within the physical facilities of the district; designs and implements energy saving programs throughout the district; helps plan and oversee the bidding process of district projects (including development of bid specifications); helps develop budgets for capital outlay projects and other assignments as directed by the Superintendent.

  1. Maintenance Supervision: A) Maintain assignment as maintenance worker; B) Coordinate all maintenance for district (supervise maintenance crew, oversee personnel assignments; coordinate timelines); C) Develop and oversee annual preventive maintenance schedule for the district.
  2. Custodial Supervision: A) Develop a district inservice plan to upgrade custodial skills; B) Provide training for custodians as to basic job, use of chemicals and equipment, etc.; C) Train custodial staff to complete light maintenance tasks; D) Update custodial job description; E) Support the principal in correction and remediation of custodial staff as needed.
  3. Safety Coordination: A) Provide safety training (equipment, work practices, chemicals, etc.) for maintenance and custodial crews; B) Oversee all government program compliance (O.S.H.A., A.D.A., HAZ-MAT, playground equipment safety, gas operations, fire code compliance, etc.)
  4. Facilities Systems Supervision: A) Monitor all operational systems within the district; B) Perform appropriate maintenance or contact appropriate contractors for maintenance; C) Supervise preventive maintenance.
  5. Building/Grounds Project Supervision: A) Plan projects; B) Develop bid specification; C) Oversee bid process; D) Act as district project manager where appropriate; E) Verify project completion.
  6. Budgeting: A) Work with the Superintendent and Business Administrator to develop capital outlay budget; B) Plan projects in a manner to best use time, personnel, and resources.
  7. Conform to District policy regarding attendance and absences. Employee attendance must be adequate to perform the above listed essential job functions.
  8. 8. Drive a car, pickup truck and other vehicles as required.


  1. Other duties as assigned.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS Not limited to the following:

  1. Physical ability to perform the above listed essential functions with or without reasonable accommodation.
  2. Physical, mental, and emotional requirements will be developed when needed for purposes of reasonable accommodation.

Required Knowledge, Skills & Abilities Necessary to Performance of Essential Functions:

  1. Any combination of training, education and experience equivalent to graduation from high school.
  2. Experience in maintenance/custodial work.
  3. Ability to communicate effectively.
  4. Hold and maintain a Utah Driver's License appropriate to the duties performed.

Desirable Knowledge & Abilities:

  1. Previous experience in a public school setting or institution of higher education.
  2. A general knowledge of repair techniques.
  3. Valid Utah Driver's License.
  4. Ability to prioritize multiple tasks.
  5. Ability to exercise sound judgment and work independently.
  6. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with others.
  7. Ability to use cleaning materials and equipment with skill and efficiency.
  8. Ability to follow oral and written directions and specific rules, regulations and processes and apply them to a variety of situations.
  9. Knowledge of safe work practices.

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