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Grand County School District


The Board will endeavor to provide schools that are sanitary, properly equipped, lighted, and ventilated, safe from hazards, and aesthetically suited to promoting the goals of the schools.



Every school building shall be located on grounds that are well drained and maintained in a sanitary condition and in accordance to applicable health codes. All buildings shall be properly ventilated and provided with an adequate supply of drinking water, an approved sewage disposal system, hand-washing facilities, a heating system, and lighting facilities, all of which shall conform with established standards of good public health engineering practices.


All school lunchrooms shall be maintained in accordance with State food and drug regulations.

Custodial Services

All school buildings and appurtenances to buildings shall be maintained in a sanitary manner, and all full-time building custodians and janitors shall be trained to perform their duties.

Adopted: 4-19-95 * GRAND COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT * Moab, Utah.



The accumulation of materials that can cause fires or can add fuel to a fire must be eliminated wherever possible.

Large quantities of paper should not be accumulated in other than the central storage area.

Stage, cafeterias and auditorium areas are to be kept free of debris. Managers have "standing" instructions to discard anything not part of regular stage equipment within 24 hours after a performance is completed.

Walkways must be kept clear of snow and safe for pedestrian traffic at all times. Frequent checks for slippery conditions during the thawing weather is are vital. Ice remover should be used as required.

Fire extinguishers and fire hoses will be inspected annually. Spraying of oiled mops should be done out of doors and they should be kept in metal containers with a tight fitting lid.


Prior to endorsing plans and specifications for construction of any school facility, the Superintendent shall require the architect to certify that the plans and specifications comply with the Uniform Building Code, including any modifications adopted by the State Board of Education, and that it meets with the approval of the State Fire Marshal and all standards set forth in Utah Code Ann. 53A-20-101, et seq.


Each school building shall have such fire escapes as are required by law.


Smoking or the use of tobacco or other controlled substances is prohibited within any school buildings owned and operated by the Grand County School District.

The unlawful possession, use, or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol on school premises or as a part of any of the school's activities is strictly prohibited.


A "prohibited act" means an act prohibited by Utah Code Ann. Section 53A-3-501 relating to alcohol, Section 58-37-2(8) relating to controlled substances or Section 58-32a-5 relating to drug paraphernalia. If an employee has reason to believe that a student or another employee has committed a prohibited act, he or she shall immediately report that to the school's designated Administrator.


The principal of each school in the District shall ensure that all reports required under this policy are reported..


The Principal of each elementary school in the school district where students are let out during the school day for "recess" or for any recreational activity shall be responsible for the supervision of students during the school day. The principal shall designate an adult to supervise students during any recess period as reasonable and necessary to provide adequate supervision for such students. The teachers shall be notified of any supervisory responsibilities by a written schedule at the beginning of each week during which school is held.

Each principal of each school in the school district shall be responsible to assure that school personnel inspect and maintain playground equipment in a reasonably safe condition. Each principal shall make regular inspections of the schools, grounds and equipment and take measures reasonably necessary to replace or remove any unreasonably dangerous equipment or condition.

At the beginning of each year, all children will be taught the proper use of playground equipment and proper play on the playground. Children shall be instructed where to go to obtain first aid in the event of any accident that occurs while on school property.

Elementary students who are on school property shall be under the supervision of school authorities from the time school doors open fifteen (15) minutes before the starting bell sounds until the dismissal bell at the end of the school day.

Adopted: 4-19-95; Revised 03-15-00 * GRAND COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT * Moab, Utah



Identification may be required of any person on school property. The Board or its designee may refuse to allow persons having no legitimate business to enter school property, and may eject any undesirable person from the property upon said person's refusal to leave peaceably on request.

Adopted: 4-19-95 * GRAND COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT * Moab, Utah.



Programs or activities shall be operated in a manner that ensures that, when viewed in their entirety, they are readily accessible to persons with disabilities. The District is not however, required to make each existing facility or every part of a facility accessible to and usable by persons with disabilities.


Compliance with these requirements may be achieved by:

  1. redesigning equipment.
  2. reassigning classes or other services to accessible buildings.
  3. assigning aides to qualified persons with disabilities.
  4. home visits.
  5. delivery of health, welfare, or other social services at alternate accessible sites.
  6. alteration of existing facilities.
  7. constructing new facilities in conformance with 34 C.F.R. 104.23.
  8. any other methods that would result in making programs and activities accessible to persons with disabilities.

Structural changes in existing facilities need not be made when other methods will achieve compliance with disability requirements. In choosing among available alternatives for meeting these requirements, the Board shall give priority to methods that offer programs and activities to persons with disabilities in the most integrated setting appropriate.


The District shall adopt and implement procedures to ensure that interested persons, including those with impaired vision or hearing, can obtain information as to the existence and location of services, activities, and facilities that are accessible to and usable by persons with disabilities.

Adopted: 4-19-95; Revised 03-15-00 * GRAND COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT * Moab, Utah.



The local school administration shall be responsible to handle, or initiate action to handle, any situation that may arise from the operation or parking of vehicles on school property. The following procedures and guidelines shall be followed:

  1. The applicable district, state, county, or municipal traffic and parking regulations shall be enforced upon school and District property.
  2. Maximum speed on school and District premises is ten (10) miles per hour.
  3. Vehicular traffic is limited to entering, exiting, and parking. No cruising or loitering will be permitted.
  4. All vehicles are restricted to designated roadways. Motorized vehicles other than school maintenance vehicles in the performance of duty shall not be driven on lawns, paths or other prohibited areas.
  5. No parking shall be allowed in the areas where the curb is designated "NO PARKING," or where such parking would obstruct regular vehicular traffic.
  6. Students, staff and faculty shall not park in areas designated "FOR VISITORS" or "RESERVED".


All regulatory signs utilized on District or school property shall be placed in conspicuous and appropriate areas of the grounds. The District prior to posting must approve all regulatory signs.


The local school administrations and area law enforcement agencies shall enforce these rules and regulations. Enforcement may include, but shall not be limited to, the following: citations, towing away at owner's expense, and/or revocation of the privileges to park and drive on school property.


The Board has agreed with the employees' associations to pay up to $250.00, or an employee's insurance deductible whichever is less, for damage done to an employee's vehicle while parked on District parking lots during an employee's work time.

Adopted: 4-19-95; Revised 03-15-00 * GRAND COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT * Moab, Utah.


A letter from the donor must accompany any gifts presented to the District for official action and recognition by the Board.

To be acceptable, a gift must satisfy the following criteria:

  1. have a purpose consistent with those of the school.
  2. offered by a donor acceptable to the Board.
  3. would not bring undesirable or hidden costs to the school system.
  4. place no unacceptable restrictions on the school program.
  5. will not be inappropriate or harmful to the best education of pupils.
  6. will not imply endorsement of any business or product.
  7. not be in conflict with any provision of the school code or public law
  8. all gifts, grants, and bequests shall become school district property.

A letter of appreciation signed by the president or chairman of the Board and by the Superintendent shall be sent to the donor.

Adopted: 4-19-95; Revised 03-15-00 * GRAND COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT * Moab, Utah.


This policy is adopted pursuant to the Government Records Access and Management Act Utah Code Ann. (1992) 63-2-701 ( GRAMA ) and applies to District records relating to information practices, including classification, access, appeals, management and retention of documents.


A person may request access to the District's records if that person meets the requirements set forth in this policy.


Public records shall include official minutes, actions and decisions of the Board of Education and District Administration unless the record involves information that is classified as private, controlled or protected. Public records also include official District and school policies, contracts, minutes, accounts, employment records to the extent they disclose only names, gender, job titles, job descriptions, business addresses, business telephone numbers, gross salaries, working hours and dates of employment. Public records shall also include formal criminal charges against an employee unless in the judgment of the Superintendent, or Superintendent's designee, the charges are without foundation and fact.

Availability of Public Records

Public records shall be open for public inspection during regular office hours.


Private documents shall include personnel files including but not limited to applications, nominations, recommendations, evaluations, proposals for advancement or appointment, all documents related to eligibility for unemployment benefits, social services, welfare benefits, personal finances, individual medical conditions and military status.


All Student records are designated as "education records" and the disclosure of such education records is not governed under GRAMA but under 20 U.S.C. 12-32(g) and 34 C.F.R. 99, et seq. and 34 C.F.R. 300 et seq. The District may not release information related to educational records without parental consent, except as provided by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Availability of Private Records

Private records shall be open only to the subject of the record and other authorized individuals or agencies. Access to student records shall be provided in accordance with FERPA (see Policy regarding Student Records #5210).


Controlled records shall include medical, psychiatric or physiological data of an individual that, if disclosed, could be detrimental to the individual's mental health or safety

Availability of Controlled Records

Private records shall be open only to authorized persons or agencies but are not open to the subject of the records.


Protected records include any information that, if disclosed:

  1. would jeopardize the life or safety of an individual or security of District property or program;
  2. would place the District at a disadvantage in contract negotiations, property transactions, or bargaining positions;
  3. could enable circumvention of an audit;
  4. are records related to potential litigation or personnel or hearing;
  5. are records generated in meetings which are closed in accordance with the Utah Open Public Meetings Law;
  6. are test questions.

Availability of Protected Records

Protected records shall only be open to authorized individuals and agencies or in response to court order.


Exempt records include student records which are protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.


Any document which is copyrighted, either by formal filing under federal copyright laws or by informal claim of copyright, or which is covered by a patent, trademark or other protective designation, shall not be copied or provided to any person without an order of a court of competent jurisdiction ordering such disclosure or written permission from the author of the record.

  1. Request to view District records should be addressed to the appropriate record officer during regular business hours.
  2. Individuals requesting to view records classified as "Private, Controlled and Protected" shall be required to submit their request in writing. Requesters must prove their right to access to the records through personal identification, written release from the subject of the record, power of attorney, court order or other appropriate means.
  3. The record officer shall determine whether access to the requested records is to be granted or denied.

    A. If the request is approved, the record shall be provided as soon as possible and not more than ten (10) working days from the date the request is received.

    B. If the request is denied, the record officer must specify the reason in writing and the requestor shall be informed of the right to appeal.


A fee shall be charged for the District's actual cost of duplicating a requested record and also for the personnel time in compiling and obtaining the record as follows:

  1. Twenty-five cents (25 ) per page for each single sided copy and fifty cents (50 ) per page for each double sided copy;
  2. Eight dollars ($8) per hour for the time spent by any District personnel searching for and compiling documents for copying. However, no fee may be charged for;

    A. making a record available to be viewed in the same context that the record is kept in the regular course of carrying on business to determine whether the record is subject to disclosure or;

    B. the requestor's inspecting the record.
  3. If a requestor asks for a certified document, an additional charge of one dollar ($1) may be charged per each page of a document.
  4. The District shall require all fees of the requestor to be paid before copying if fees are expected to exceed $50.00, or if the requestor has not paid fees from a previous request.


Each requestor shall submit a written request specifically identifying those documents requested. The request shall specifically state whether the documents sought are: (1) to be copied: or (2) identified to determine whether they are subject to disclosure; or (3) to be allowed to inspect a specific record. In the event that a document is specifically identified and designated for copying, the requestor shall submit sufficient funds with the written request to pay for all copies requested to be copied.

Response Times

The District shall respond to the request to copy within fifteen (15) days. The District hereby finds that it does not have adequate resources to respond to document requests and appeals in the time period set forth in 63-2-204 of GRAMA and therefore it opts for these alternative time periods. The District shall respond to an appropriate request by:

  1. approving the request and providing the records;
  2. denying the request;
  3. notifying the requestor that it does not maintain the records; or
  4. notifying the requestor that extraordinary circumstances exist which make it impractical to approve or deny the request and specifying the earliest time when the records will be available.

Appeals Process

  1. Appeals to the District Administration: the requestor shall file a written request for a hearing with the Superintendent at least ten (10) working days prior to the desired hearing date.

    Upon receiving the request, the Superintendent shall schedule a mutually convenient time, date and location for the hearing and notify all parties.

    The requestor has the right to be represented by legal counsel at the hearing. If the requestor is to be represented by legal counsel, the Administration must be notified at least ten (10) working days in advance of the hearing. A list of all persons to be called and documents to be submitted into evidence shall be given to the District. If the requestor has legal counsel present at the hearing, legal counsel may also represent the administration.

    Within ten (10) working days after the hearing, the Superintendent shall notify the requestor in writing of the action recommended.

    If the requestor is not satisfied with the action recommended an appeal may be filed with the Board of Education.
  2. Appeals to the Board of Education shall follow the same procedures and time lines outlined above.

    A. If the Board upholds the action recommended in the hearing with the District Administration, the requestor has the right to appeal the Board's decision to a court of competent jurisdiction.


The District shall adhere to the general schedule for records retention approved by the State Records Committee. Records not covered by the general schedule shall be submitted to the State Records Committee for scheduling.


If an appropriate requestor requests to have copies of more than fifty (50) pages of records, the District may in its sole discretion provide the requestor with facilities to make copies and require the requestor to make copies him or herself at his or her own expense.


An individual may contest the accuracy or completeness of any public, private, or protected record concerning him/her by requesting the School District to amend the record. However, this provision does not affect the right of access to private or protected records. This provision does not apply to records relating to title of real property, medical records, judicial case files, or any other records that the School District determines must be maintained in their original form to protect the public interest or preserve the integrity of the record keeping system.

Request to Amend

The request to amend shall contain the requestor's name, mailing address, daytime telephone number and a brief description explaining why the specific record should be amended.


The School District shall issue an order either approving or disapproving the request to amend no later than thirty (30) days after the request is made. The order shall state reasons for the decision. If the request is denied, the requestor may submit a written statement contesting the information in the record. The School District shall place the statement with the record, if possible, and disclose the statement whenever the contested record is disclosed.

Adopted: 4-19-95; Revised 03-15-00 * GRAND COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT * Moab, Utah


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